Tag Radio Station 91.1

Tag radio station 91.1

TAG Radio Station 91.1 is the No. 1 Filipino station in the UAE. TAG Radio Station 91.1 plays the freshest original Filipino hits and is home to the wackiest bunch of radio jocks. The first premium and award-winning Filipino radio station in the UAE maintain dominance in the market with its hip and original content, as well as exciting promotions and giveaways.

Broadcasting to the Pinoy residents in the UAE, the station brings to life the best in Filipino entertainment and information. TAG Radio Station 91.1 also keeps its listeners abreast with all the happenings in the UAE and back home with regular news updates.

As the first truly multi-platform Filipino radio station, including apps on major mobile devices, TAG Radio Station 91.1 has captured listeners aged between 25 to 39 possessing strong purchasing power and a fast-paced lifestyle. And just as their favourite TAG Radio Station 91.1 presenters, they embrace the UAE life – shopping, hanging out with friends, keeping up-to-date with the latest music, entertainment, information, and delivering service WITH A SMILE!

  • No. 1 Filipino station in the UAE with a weekly reach of 428,000
  • Has an exclusive audience of 230,000 that do not listen to any other station in the UAE
  • At any given time during the week, 11,000 listeners are tuned into TAG Radio Station 91.1
  • Weekend Reach – 352,000
  • Time Spent Listening – 4 hours 15 minutes
  • Average Age – 33.7 years

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