Radio Advertising

Radio market in the UAE is the perfect storm – people driving long distances – often with lots of traffic, many different nationalities so a large number of stations targeting the major demographics via the language spoken by the presenters and the language & style of music played to entertain the listeners. This can be confusing or difficult to navigate through as most people you speak with will have a bias or set agenda to push you to what suits them best.
We are the only agency in the UAE that only specialise in Radio!  Having worked on the inside of the major stations in Dubai, we know how to extract the most out of your campaigns.  We have fantastic relationships with all the stations across the country so can offer you honest, neutral advice on the best mix of stations for your campaign goals & objectives.
Quite simply, nobody knows radio like we do – no matter what the language or target consumer, so contact us & we’ll prove that our expertise in invaluable and our partnership is one for the long run.

Major Radio Stations in UAE

English Radio Stations

Virgin radio station 104.4
dance radio station 97.8
dubai eye radio station
radio dubai 92
Radio 1 radio station logo
Heart radio station 107.1
radio 2 radio station
Channel 4 104.8
Abu Dhabi Classic

Arabic Radio Stations

Al Arabiya radio station 99
Al Rabia radio station 107.8
Hala radio station 95.6
StarFM radio station
quraan kareem radio station
Al Khaleejiya radio station 100.9
Emarat FM radio station
abu dhabi fm radio station

Hindi Radio Stations

City radio station 101.6
Radio radio station
Radio Mirchi radio station
Big radio station FM 106.2

Malayalum Radio Stations

Hit radio station 96.7
Gold radio station 101.3

Filipino Radio Stations

Tag radio station 91.1

Farsi Radio Stations

shoma radio station 93.4