Heart Radio Station 107.1 FM

Heart radio station 107.1

Heart Radio Station 107.1 FM is a unique Hot Adult Contemporary (Hot AC) station in the UAE offering its listeners a variety of 90’s and noughties hits throughout the day.

The second station launched by Shock Middle East, Heart Radio Station 107.1 FM provides listeners a full roster of shows from 6 am – 8 pm daily as well as the BBC minute, live performances and giveaways.

Start your day with Tim and Faris, cruise through the morning with Katie, enjoy a light afternoon with Fadi and drive home with the one and only, two time award winner Dave Cleary.

With the selection of on air talent, content and music its no wonder everyone’s talking about Heart Radio Station 107.1 FM.

Home of the ‘Only 2 Ads in a Row… More Music’ format means that when your advertisement is played it is guaranteed to be either first or last in the commercial break, so the effectiveness of your ads is optimised in a low clutter advertising environment.   Although the majority of its listeners are in the is 30 – 55 age range as working professionals with families, they are still popular with all ages & nationalities because of its damn good music!

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